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Custom : Adult Size Luxury Merino Bubble Fluff Cowl

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Have our luxurious bubble fluff cowl hand knitted in the custom color of your choosing!

Turnaround time for custom orders is 4 weeks.

Hand knit in our 100% merino wool, you won't believe how soft this scarf is!

Made seamlessly in one long tube, this scarf effortlessly slips over your head and settles around your neck. Wear it under your favorite coat or over! Snuggle your mouth and nose into its softness when winter gets intense. The texture-rich details will bring added interest to everything you wear it with! 


Why Luxury?

 The Nickichicki Luxury Line is a special collection of pieces; hand knit in 100% extra fine merino wool.

Merino wool is prized for being amazingly soft, as well as being a natural + breathable fiber. This means it works with your body! Keeping you warm and cozy when you need it most, without overheating you. 

Merino wool also has the most, "memory" vs pieces that contain acrylic. This means it will keep its shape the longest; giving you most wear out of your garments. 

It's our hope that the luxury line pieces will not only be treasured and well-loved by the original owner but also be passed down to the next and the next. <3


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