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Tiny Hearts Faux Fur Beanie in Azalea Gardens

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A Nickichicki customer favorite! The tiny hearts design keeps you looking cute. The chunky knit keeps you warm! Each one is hand knit and made with lots of love! Topped with a handmade faux fur pom to let people know you're extra fun!


Azalea Gardens features colors: azalea pink, winter white, charcoal, and mustard yellow faux fur pom-pom!



Sizing is based on what each age range wears on average. When in doubt, measuring will always ensure a perfect fit!

Newborn: 14"

0 - 3 months: 16"

3 - 6 months: 17"

6 - 15 months: 18"

15 months - 2.5 years: 19"

2.5 - 4 years: 20"

4 - 9 years: 21"

9 years and up: 22"

Fiber Content: 20% wool/80% acrylic

Please do not leave knitwear unattended around small children or pets as Nickichicki cannot be held responsible for damage done by curious hands or paws.



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