Display What You Love! DIY Coffee Mug Wall Rack

coffee mug wall display nickichicki
I get asked about my mug wall quite often so i thought i would share a permanent blog post about it! I've loved collecting coffee mugs for quite some time, but shoving them into a closed cabinet bummed me out. So i thought - how cute would it be to display them out in the open? As my home is on the smaller size; taking advantage of available vertical wall space is also always ideal to me!

It's really so easy! I headed to IKEA, but honestly any store that sells rails + hooks will work. After measuring my wall space, i purchased 4 of the FINTORP 31" black rails along with the FINTORP 4" black hooks (fun fact: i actually brought one of my own coffee mugs with me to IKEA to see which size hook i would need). The 4" hooks come in packs of two, so depending on how big you want your mug wall you might need a bunch. Fill up that cart with hooks and whisper to yourself how cool it's going to look once done. 
Follow the included instructions, and make your wall 100% more fun than it was yesterday! I highly recommend using a level to make sure all rails go up straight. The best part about this set up is you can go out and buy more rails and hooks when you want to expand your mug collection!
Hope that was helpful! Happy coffee consumption, friends! 

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  • Gwen on

    I didn’t realize you made this! It looks amazing! I’m going to have to try this because I can’t stand my mugs being stacked in the cupboard…I always feel like they’ll all come crashing down when I open the door.

  • Alex - The Interior DIYer on

    Ah this is an amazing post! I also bring stuff with me to stores that I think will be helpful! I feel that I look crazy, but I know if I bought the wrong size of something I’d be mad I didnt bring the thing with me. It’s a shame circle.

    And welcome to blogging. It gets a little addictive 😜

  • Rachel on

    Love this! We have WAY too many mugs stealing valuable cabinet space, so I definitely need to do something. My wheels are turning for ways I can adapt this idea if I don’t want to put a bunch of holes in our rental house walls.

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