Q: How do I wash my item?

A: In general, knitwear and wool based items do not require much, or any, washing. If you do feel the need, a gentle spot cleaning with lukewarm water + Woolite is recommended. Lay flat to dry and please be careful not to stretch, wring, or twist.

Q: What if my item starts to pill? 

Knitwear may pill as a natural result of friction. Carefully take a small pair of scissors or gently use a razor on your item to remove any unwanted fuzz. 

Q: How does hat sizing work?

A: Nickichicki sizes are based on what fits each age on average; however sometimes this can vary. Taking a soft measuring tape around the circumference of the head will ensure the best fit!

Q: What is the difference between the newborn size and 0 - 3 months?

A: Newborn size is perfect for brand new baby photography, and those fresh from the hospital babies. 0-3 months will also fit newborns, but the hat will have some extra length in the beginning, providing for some room to grow.

Q: My child is older than 9. What size should i get?

A: After 9 years of age children can generally fit into adult size! Remember measuring is always your best bet to be certain! 

 Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Custom ordering is available in our off season! This portion of the year allows us to give our full attention to your specialized requests. In the off season, you'll see a special option appear in our menu bar listed as, "Custom".

Q: What does a custom order entail?

A: With a custom order purchase, you get the chance to work one on one with Nicole Brown (owner + designer) to create a special knitwear piece (based on existing styles) in the exact color combination you desire. Yarn colors will be pulled, paired, and suggested to you after discussion of the look you're going for!

Q: What type of yarn do you use?

A: Our regular Nickichicki knitwear line is made with both a wool blend yarn (a lamb's wool + acrylic blend), as well as a wool free/vegan yarn. The two are often intermixed, but all 100% wool free items will be marked as such.

Our Luxury Line is made with 100% extra fine merino wool only! 

Q: Do you sell your knitwear patterns?

A: Nickichicki is a brand that sells finished knitwear pieces, rather than DIY. Thus patterns are not shared or sold.

Q: I'm interested in working for Nickichicki! How can i apply?

A: Our application process is always open here. If your desired position is currently closed or full, we will save your application to be considered at our next opening.

Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

A: Please view our return/exchange page for more info!

Q: Why is so much sold out?

A: Our knitwear sells quickly. We do fresh drops of new items every couple of weeks! Please follow us on Instagram @nickchicki, or join our Facebook group to get the heads up on the dates + times of when the newest items are listed!