Nickichicki Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2019

If you keep up with me over on Instagram stories, then you know I wasn't really feeling the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year as much as I have in years past. 

I made a pact to myself to start making time to go thrifting more. And in doing so I was really reminded HOW MUCH clothes there are out there - good clothes. Sometimes brand new clothes. That can be added to my wardrobe for very little money, while also have a better impact on the planet. 

Being a small business owner, I also happen to know a WEALTH of amazing independent shop owners who are making great things and doing great things. And while I think I was doing a pretty good job at supporting these friends when I can, it's definitely the focus of where I want to spend my dollars.

Some of these steps take a little more time, a little less instant one-click instant gratification. And I think that's ok. And I'm not saying I'm going to stop shopping retail/online ordering...and I think that's ok, too. I just want that part of my life to continue to decrease while the top two things increase. 

So with that said, above are the pieces I picked for try on this year. I won't be keeping all of these, just seeing what (if any) are a good fit into my wardrobe. I tried to pick pieces I felt were unique, would get a lot of wear, and would be harder to find while out thrifting. 

I hope you enjoy both the picks and this blog post! 


1. Avec Les Filles Star Double Face Trench Coat - If there's one thing I love almost as much as a heart print, it's a star print. I actually hope this coat does work for me. I purchased it one size up to make room for chunky sweaters, but I am a tiiiiiiny bit concerned about the length being too long. I know the graphic black and white would get tons of easy pattern mixing wear!

2. Halogen Bold Plaid Coat - This was the first coat that caught my eye from the NAS catalog because it's just so FUN! I love that bright colors are going to be a trend for winter AND fall! 

3. Kenneth Cole New York Double Breasted Teddy Bear Coat - I've been searching for my perfect teddy bear coat for a couple of seasons now...without much luck. This coat sold out in the regular sizes, but the plus sizes are still available.

4. Paul Green Bronx Lace-Up Platform Boot - I've never met a platform combat boot I didn't like. And this one is plaid...TO BOOT (get it?!??!)

5. 7 For All Mankind Alexa Cutoff Hem Crop Wide Leg Jeans - I've been trying to get more away from skinny jeans and into trying wider leg styles. Sometimes because of my pear shape, this style is a bit of a harder fit for me. But I could see myself wear these to death if they fit!

6. Cuddle Up Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow - I'm guessing this is meant for a little girls room decor....or my main house decor. You decide.


There you have it! Interested in more fashion content (thrifting, independent shops and otherwise)? Don't forget to subscribe to us on our new YouTube channel!

Til next time!

<3, Nicole 

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