Meet the Nickichicki Knitting Team!

When i left my office job and decided to put my all into growing Nickichicki, i had small, realistic hopes. Hopes that it would generate enough income to help me support my family. Hopes that people would like what i was creating. Hopes that it wouldn't be just a, "cute, side hustle", but a real, legitimate business i could do full time. 

Imagine my surprise then, when just two years later i was looking back of what i had grown and feeling close to burn out. Even if you don't knit, you can imagine that it takes some time. It was the week of Thanksgiving and i was working on finishing up fulfilling over 60 custom orders, stocking two retail stores, plus knitting 12 pieces for an impromptu magazine feature. I was proud and grateful to be smashing past goals left and right. I was tired and cranky, constantly running on too little sleep and food. 

I knew something needed to change. I didn't want to stop growing my business, but i also wanted to do things like shower and spend time with my family again. I made to decision to stop being one person trying to (badly) do it all. Today i'm proud to say we are a women owned + women operated business. Below is what our team of knitters currently looks like. Each of these women are so talented + take pride and care in their work, which truly means so much to me!




Annette Babione

Current Location: New Prague, MN

How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: One year and change

How did you learn to knit: One class at Michael's and then it was all YouTube

Favorite thing to knit: Sweaters!! All the sweaters!

Least favorite thing to knit: I want to love knitting socks, but i really don't...

Favorite beverage: Coffee and IPAs (not at the same time)

Favorite color: Pink

Pet peeve: People who chew with their mouths open (all I can hear is my dad in my head "don't chew with your mouth open, it looks and sounds like a cow chewing cud") Scarred for life after that! 
Interesting fact: Usually the fact I knit is my interesting fact but if that doesn't count, then probably the fact that I have 9 nieces and nephews all under the age of 9.  It makes family get togethers very crazy but a total blast at the same time!
Emily Gale
Current Location: St. Paul, MN
How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: About 8 months
How did you learn to knitMy Nana taught me to knit when I was little!
Favorite thing to knitI love to knit baby sweaters and blankets.
Least favorite thing about knittingI have a terrible case of "one mitten-itis" or "one sock-itis"...sometimes doing the second mitten or sock is really difficult for me!
Favorite beverage: Coffee!
Favorite color: Gray!
Pet peeve: Loud chewing!
Interesting fact: I moved 18 times before I turned the age of 18! My dad was in the military, and we even spent time in the same part of Alaska as Nickichicki!
Erica Brown (before you ask, no we're not related...though that would be cool, haha!)
Location: Faribault, MN
How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: I just started in September!
How did you learn to knit: My grandma taught me when I was in middle school. I picked it up again in College with the help of many YouTube videos!
Favorite thing about knitting: I love being able to make handmade things for my family and friends. 
Least favorite thing to knit: I have a love/hate relationship with knitting blankets. The first 15 inches are awesome, the rest is excruciating!!
Favorite beverage: Black coffee (or beer, is that an option?) 
Favorite color: Black
Pet peeve: loud eaters!!
Interesting fact: I’m getting married next summer! 
Jill Caya
Current Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota but I am from Northfield, Minnesota
 How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: I just started knitting for Nickichicki and I am very excited!
How did you learn to knit: I learned to knit in Russia while I was serving in the Peace Corps.  My Russian neighbor taught me how to knit.  She didn't know any English and at that time, I knew very little Russian!
Favorite thing to knit: Hats and cowls
Least favorite thing about knitting: Seaming pieces together
Favorite beverage: Flat white
Favorite color: Orange
Pet peeve: Most of them happen while driving!
Interesting fact: My full-time job is teaching English as a Second Language to international students at the University of North Dakota.  It is never dull and very rewarding!
Location: Minooka, IL
How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: For about 1.5 years
How did you learn to knit: My mom taught me to knit for 4-H projects about 30 years ago!
Favorite thing about knitting: it allows me to watch tv guilt free because i am still being productive.
Least favorite thing about knitting: When you need to modify a pattern or create your own and it takes multiple times to get it just right.
Favorite drink: Water!
Favorite color: Purple
Pet peeve: People not listening or not following through
Interesting fact: We have a goal to take our kids to all 50 states. We started a few years ago and have been to 26 so far!
Mary Ann 
Location: Plymouth, MN
How long have you been knitting for Nickichicki: Since summer 2017
How did you learn to knit: My grandmother taught me to knit. When I was 8, I asked her to make a scarf for my teddy bear. She said I was old enough to learn to do it myself, and I did it! After that, my mom helped me every few years after I stopped knitting and wanted to start again. It stuck for good after college, and now I use YouTube videos when I need to learn something new.
Favorite thing to knitAnything with chunky yarn. Chunky yarn = nearly instant gratification. Knitting is also a great way to procrastinate. It helped me avoid work during 9ish years of grad school, and helps me avoid dishes, laundry, and life in general.
Least favorite thing to knitKnitting thumbs on mittens. Too fiddly!
Favorite beverageSparkling water or coffee
Favorite color: gray or green
Pet peeveStrangers all up in my personal space. I'm looking at you, guy on an airplane who doesn't understand how armrests work.
Interesting fact: I've watched every James Bond movie ever made in chronological order. I have 2 Masters degrees and a PhD.

Nicole Brown

Oh hi! I'm the owner of Nickichicki. Each style we offer has been designed by myself. I also still do plenty of knitting (honestly i tend to get cranky if too many of my work days have not left me with enough knitting time ;) ). Here are my fun facts:

Current Location: Montgomery, MN

How did you learn to knit: I made a random decision one day to teach myself. I purchased a, "learn to knit book" a pair of needles and some very cheap yarn. From there i obsessively watched YouTube videos to expand my skills. I had an immediate connection to the craft and never wanted to stop!

Favorite thing about knitting: Even after 13 years, i still find it amazing how you can take just a ball of yarn and some pointy sticks and create wearable garments. 

Least favorite thing about knitting: For whatever reason, i strongly dislike knitting mitten thumbs. 

Favorite beverage: a quality black coffee or an Americano. 

Favorite color: I'll say black, but honestly i love all colors because unexpected color combinations are my favorite. 

Pet peeve: People who think they are too cool for school. Lets just all be friends and have fun!

Interesting fact: I was born and raised in Alaska!


There you have it! As Nickichicki continues to grow, my quest continues to offer opportunities to knitters in the US. Looking to join us? Apply here


Til next time!

<3, Nicole


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