Small Shop Finds For When You're Extra

We all know shopping small is an awesome idea! But finding items when your style is a little...outside the box, can be a challenge. FEAR NOT! I personally accept all challenges with open arms, and have rounded up these 6 EXTRA SPECIAL small shop items for you!




Small Shop: Hazel & Rose

Item: Carla Colour Modan Sunglasses

Regular sunnies? Pass. I need my sunglasses to shine like a diamond. Like a beautiful, blinding diamond against those UV rays. 



nickichicki small shop finds when you're extra

Small Shop: Modern Mud

Item: Aura Ring Crystal Holder

The only acceptable way to store your rings, really. 



Small Shop: Megan Auman

Item: Large Curve Earring

Why even wear jewelry unless you're making a statement? I love how these minimal earrings pack an extra PUNCH with its unexpected curved design.



Small Shop: Pursey 

Item: Rebel Silver Bag

Let people know you're not one to play by the rules. Unless you are actually in the midst of breaking a law - like loitering. Then you might want to turn this bag around until you're done. 



banana bra nickichicki small shop finds when you're extra

Small Shop: Hey Mavens 

Find: A Very A-Peeling Bralette 

If bananas hold a special place in Gwen Stefani's heart, then they hold a special spot in mine as well. Plus, custom made under things?! Yes, please.



ESFP coffee mug kathy weller nickichicki small shop finds when you're extra

Small Shop: Kathy Weller Art

Find: ESFP Mug

Got a love for your personality type? Yeah i know you do. Let everyone know the fun has arrived as you fuel your body with that delicious nectar of life, caffeine.



Nickichicki Merino Wool Folded Brim Hat Small Shop Finds When You're Extra

Small Shop: Nickichicki

Find: Merino Wool Folded Brim Beanie in Gold + Neon Pink

And who would i be if i didn't throw my own small business into the mix? Our Gold + Neon Pink faux fur hat is truly the perfect unexpected color combination for girls who just wanna have fun.


I hope you enjoyed this collection of EXTRA things - all from talented makers and shop owners! Until next time!








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